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UPDATE: Halloween Rec Race Nov 1st...5k/1k bike, run & walk! For more info check out the registration form under current programs.

UPDATE: ***Reminder, if school is cancelled or lets out early due to bad weather, all practices after school are also cancelled.***


Sibley Recreation Director – Sara Hibma

Sibley Recreation Email – sibley.rec@gmail.com

Sibley Recreation Cell – 712-330-4721

5th Quarter Donations & Chaperones

The Sibley Rec. Dept. along with some area churches are sponsoring Friday night 5th Quarter parties after the home S-O Football & Basketball games this fall and winter.  There will be FREE food such as pizza, chips, bars, and pop.  Some activities they can participate in are playing video games, ping pong, air hockey, board games, card games, basketball, dodgeball, or just come and hang out with their friends.  If your church or community organization would like to sponsor one of these events please call either contact listed below.  An organization can obtain a sponsor registration form from our website at www.rec.sibleyiowa.net.  Please send any donations with your program registration form.

To help make 5th Quarter operate, we need a few chaperones to help the recreation director Sara Hibma monitor the kids at the Legion Hall. That way we can make sure the kids are safe and not going in and outside the building unsupervised. Parents can also join in on the games and activities at 5th Quarter as well. Dodgeball is not just for kids! I would really appreciate your help. Please contact me by email or phone to let me know which date(s) you can help Sara with 5th Quarter. We would greatly appreciate your help.

Sara Hibma at 330-4721 or email sibley.rec@gmail.com


5th Quarter Sponsor Registration Form


***Volunteer Youth Sports Coaches Needed***

Our soccer, t-ball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball programs are all staffed with volunteer coaches. We are always looking for enthusiastic adults who enjoy working with children. Your assistance helps us maintain quality programs at affordable prices. Without volunteer coaches, some programs or activities may be cancelled.  If you or someone you know would like to help coach any programs we offer or have a program they would like us to offer in our next flier, please contact the Sibley Recreation Director, Sara Hibma at sibley.rec@gmail.com or call (712) 330-4721. Thank you!


 ***Why should I be a volunteer coach for youth activites?***

Volunteer coaches are the backbone of youth sports programs throughout the country.  Without the help of thousands of parents signing up to coach youth sports every season, youth sports programs would cease to exist.  Volunteerism is one of the highest forms of recreation! Volunteering can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life.  If you are passionate about sports, please share your love of the game with kids in our community.  The Sibley Recreation Department believes that winning has less to do with the scoreboard and more to do with core values of sportsmanship, friendship, and having fun.


***Sibley Recreation Department Community Service Policy for

High School Students***


***Traveling Teams/All-Star Leagues***

The Sibley Recreation Department strives to provide all kids and adults with a wide variety of recreational programs and activities. Our goal is to build self-esteem while teaching the importance to good sportsmanship and friendly competition. All our activities are largely taught by volunteer coaches, which enable us to offer our programs at an affordable rate, to all area youth and parents.

The Sibley Recreation Department encourages continued participation in all activities that we offer. The Recreation Department is not opposed to parents forming traveling teams or all-star leagues beyond the realm of the Recreation Department.

  • The Sibley Recreation Department is not responsible for organizing traveling teams or an all-star league.
  • The Sibley Recreation Department accepts all players no matter what their skill level.
  • Players who wish to play on traveling teams is strongly encouraged to play in the Sibley Recreation activity games.
  • Traveling team games/practice cannot be scheduled on nights that the Sibley Recreation activity games play.
  • Traveling teams are separate from the Sibley Recreation Department and will be organized by a separate organization.
  • Traveling teams are invited to use the Elementary gym/Ball Fields for practice.
  • Traveling team practice times must be reserved with the Recreation Director in advance.
  • Sibley Recreation activity practices come before all traveling team practices.
  • It is the responsibility of a traveling league/team coach to retain a membership to the Franklin gym to gain access.
  • The Recreation Director is responsible to maintain access to the Elementary gym for all Recreational Programs ONLY, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Recreation Director in advance.
  • The Recreation Director is not responsible to maintain access to the Elementary gym for events/programs/traveling teams that are separate from Recreation Department unless prior arrangements have been made with the Recreation Director in advance.
  • All schedules are subject to change without advanced notice.